‘Real-world’ Social Enterprises

People at Slí Eile engage in the work of two significant social enterprises: a traditional bakery and an organic farm. Produce from each of these enterprises is sold through local supermarkets and retail outlets. Participation in the social enterprises enables people to adapt to the demands of working life and to experience the satisfaction of meaningful occupation. It also helps them to develop a range of work-related skills and to gain confidence to pursue work opportunities beyond Slí Eile.

Slí Eile’s social enterprise activity is overseen by the Enterprises and Estates Manager. Technical guidance and supervision is provided by technical specialists in the respective enterprise areas. Tenants working in the social enterprises are expected and facilitated to meet the day-to-day challenges of a purposeful working life. Work is tailored to each individual’s capabilities and additional supports are provided where necessary. However, tenants must have a basic level of fitness for safe particpation in moderately demanding physical activity in order to participate in the social enterprises.

Work in Slí Eile’s social enterprises is intended to build a foundation for meaningful occupation beyond Slí Eile. As tenants progress through Slí Eile’s programme, the primary focus shifts from involvement Slí Eile’s enterprises to preparatory activities for whatever will be the tenants’ future work.