Who are We?

Slí Eile is a diverse community of people who share a commitment to  ensuring that mental health challenges do not stand in the way of people achieving rich and fulfilling lives. Our community includes past and present participants in our recovery programme, members of the Sli Eile staff team, Slí Eile board directors, the volunteers who support Slí Eile in many different ways, the donors who provide Slí Eile with financial support, the loyal customers of Slí Eile’s social enterprises, the people in related services who collaborate with Slí Eile, activists and academic researchers who are interested to learn from our experience, and wellwishers in our local community and beyond who encourage and support us in our work. We have no religious or political affiliation.

Slí Eile operates through two separate companies. Slí Eile Housing Association CLG provides residential tenancies and Slí Eile Support Services CLG provides a range of services to facilitate tenants in moving forward with their lives.