Personal Progression Planning

From the first day they come to Slí Eile, people are encouraged to think about the kind of life they hope for when they leave. They participate in a rigorous process of personal progression planning through which they identify and pursue goals that bring them ever closer to fulfilling their dreams. Slí Eile supports personal progression by providing coaching support. This coaching support continues to be available when people have left Slí Eile and moved on to the next phase of their lives. 

Coaching at Slí Eile is overseen by the Mental Health Recovery Practice Guide. Tenants receive coaching on a weekly basis. In each coaching session, tenants set goals that help them to move towards their unique visions for their lives. Each tenant is assigned a key worker from among Slí Eile’s Tenant Progression Facilitators, whose role is to facilitate the tenant to achieve their goals through weekly meetings and specific support actions.

Slí Eile uses the ‘C-Me’ personal progression framework to guide its coaching work. This framework recognises the way in which a person’s self-identity (i.e. how they see themselves) and social identity (i.e. how they are seen by others) can have a powerful effect on their life outcomes. Drawing on a number of influences, the framework sets out a range of areas in which constructive action can be taken to help people to reap the immeasurable benefits that flow from enhanced self-regard and enhanced social recognition.  

Tenants at Slí Eile are expected to take personal progression very seriously, since in the end it is this that justifies the investment that they make in Slí Eile and the investment that Slí Eile makes in them. Progression is reviewed on a semi-annual basis and evidence of meaningful application and beneficial outcomes is a condition of continuing participation in the Slí Eile programme.