www.breggin.com – official website of Dr. Peter Breggin, dubbed the “Conscience of Psychiatry”. He has created a new organization to bring together professionals and laypersons concerned with a critical analysis of biopsychiatry and with more effective empathic approaches in mental health and education.

www.recoveryourmentalhealth.com – the website of Dr. Terry Lynch, author of Selfhood and Beyond Prozac.

www.dorothyrowe.com.au – website of Dorothy Rowe, world-renowned psychologist and writer, dubbed the psychologist who has changed how we understand ourselves. “Her work liberates us from the bamboozling lies that many mental health professionals, politicians, media and business people tell in order to keep us in our place and themselves in power.”

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Healy_(psychiatrist) – David Healy is an Irish psychiatrist who is currently a professor in Psychological Medicine at Cardiff University School of Medicine, Wales. He is also the director of North Wales School of Psychological Medicine. He became the centre of controversy concerning the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on medicine and academia.

www.hopewell.cc – website of Hopewell farm, a therapeutic farm community for adults with mental illness.

www.madinamerica.com – website and blog of the bestselling book by Robert Whitaker.

www.robertwhitaker.org – official website of Robert Whitaker, journalist and author of Mad in America and Anatomy of an Epidemic.

www.tidal-model.com/ – website of the Tidal Model, the first mental health recovery model developed conjointly by mental health nurses and people who have used mental health services.

www.wgii.ie/ – website of the William Glasser Institute, Ireland.

www.wglasser.com/ – official William Glasser Institute website with information on training in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.