How To Apply For A Place At Slì Eile Farm:

Slí Eile has an Information Leaflet which may be used to inform the public about the association and its services and how they may be accessed.

Slí Eile Housing Association welcomes applications from people who have experienced mental distress and who may be caught up in the revolving door of the psychiatric system . Applications may be made personally, through family or friends and through voluntary or statutory services. Individuals requiring specialized services and treatment, for example, drug/ alcohol addiction , sexual deviancy, are not eligible to apply

Sli Eile has a preference for applications from the local area. However, should an application be made by someone outside the area and meets the following criteria, the application will be considered;
1.Discharged from hospital by a senior psychiatric consultant and ready to take their place in the community.
2.Have expressed an interest in participating in the project
3.Have a Housing need
4.A vacancy is available.


Step 1. Contact the CEO at the company office by telephone, mail or email for further information

Step 2. Applicant, together with another who is involved in supporting him / her are invited to meet the House Manager and /or CEO . If there is a willingness by both parties to continue the application process the applicant will be given a copy of the Tenancy Agreement to read and a date for a Step 3 arranged

Step 3. The applicant is invited to meet with all tenants and support workers at Villa Maria. The Terms of the Tenancy Agreement will be discussed and explained and The applicant is encouraged to ask questions and seek any further information that will assist the applicant to make an informed decision

Step 4 The applicant will be invited to stay at the house for a trial period of 2 weeks. If the Applicant is transferring from another service, a written agreement will be required that his/her place in that service is safeguarded until transfer is agreed by all concerned.

Step 5 If , after the trial period, the applicant is interested in taking up the vacancy and the other tenants are in agreement, the CEO will offer the applicant a place in the house . The Tenancy Agreement is then signed and the Tenant will arrange to move in

If an offer is not made at this stage, the applicant will be informed of the reasons for this decision and the application will be kept on file.

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