I went to Sli Eile because it looked like a nicer place to be. I was at a H.S. E. Hostel before I moved to Charleville. I was in hospital for a long time too. I watch TV., I listen to the radio and I read to pass the time. I’d like to have a hobby too. I did an occupation First Aid course with all of the other tenants and the staff at Villa Maria. I did FETCA 3 in computers at Villa Maria and we did a group FETCA 5 in HASAP food hygiene and safety. There are four steps at Sli Eile and when I got to step four I did the Ballyhoura Chrysalis course which is a course for people with mental health difficulties to help them to do a fetac course or to get a job. On step four I have the choice of doing voluntary work, participating in education or planning to get a job. I am training to be an assistant support worker.