Dr Harry Gijbels

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Stryker Volunteers

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The Slí Eile’s Mission

The Sli`Eile farm offers a place where people experiencing mental health difficulties can find safety, acceptance and support to recover.
To provide housing and support services for people caught up in the revolving door of the psychiatric system.
Slì Eile’s approach is based on the belief that people have the capacity to recover their mental health, and that given support, understanding and time, they will discover their own way forward, for a new and better quality of life.

The Slí Eile’s  approach to recovery through community living is to provide another way of supporting people to recover from their experience of mental distress.

  • Creates an environment which fosters hope and instils belief that change is possible.
  • Creates opportunities for individuals to participate actively in choices and decisions in their lives.
  • Promotes the support of each individual in their recovery journey, employing a non-labelling and non-judgemental approach.
  • Fosters an environment where individuals are respected and listened to.